Thank you, Ron. This made my Christmas!

Haiku Odyssey

Am I the only one who misses Haiku Andy?  I hope not!


He was the bridge to more worlds than we knew, real bridges, sturdy, dependable bridges built with simple but powerful words that had the power to make us feel in a world that increasingly has numbed our feelings.


Andy didn’t blow us away. He enticed us to follow willingly, and in our willingness was a childlike faith that where he took us would be a world where we would be safe and warm and comfortable.  Not once did he speak ill of anyone or glorify the ugliness of the world.


His haiku showed us the simple, unadorned happenings of his daily life, a life we were privileged to share.  In many ways his haiku were plain.  They weren’t poems as much as they were observations of his “here and now.”  And these observations were almost…

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