What Exactly is Going on Here?


This blog originated as a way to broadcast my daily haiku practice. That project greatly expanded in March 2012, when I began writing the daily haiku onto a postcard, along with my signature chop, and mailing it to someone selected at random. In April 2012, I began posing and photographing the card, and posting the photo along with the haiku itself.

That project wrapped up in November 2014, after 1,001 haiku postcards had gone out. At that point, I resolved to use this site as a record of that project, but…

I am back. No more postcards, but goddammit I can’t quit the haiku. I CAN’T! I tried, honey, honest I tried.

So, if you want to focus on the haiku postcard project, start here.

Or just… hang out. We’d enjoy the company.