1,001 Haiku Postcards

Inscribed, photographed, and mailed to random people around the world

rose perfume rising

rose perfume rising from the box of mother’s clothes — GoodWill donation

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country inn bathroom

country inn bathroom the H and the C defy convention

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New Short Story Published

I’m working on a series of short stories about a paperboy in 1970s suburbia. (Not the least bit autobiographical, honest!) DEEPER INTO THE WOODS  has just been published by Unlikely Stories, … Continue reading

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TBL Interviews Your Humble Narrator (Me)

I am completely honored to be featured in Tethered by Letters today! Now you can discovered my deepest secrets…

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spring in the city

spring in the city the sunny weather tricks us into dressing light

April 24, 2016 · 1 Comment

golden gate park

golden gate park lush and green in the rain — a blue sleeping bag

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pulse and blood pressure

pulse and blood pressure the nurse’s hair style different than on her badge

April 1, 2016 · 2 Comments

hospital lobby

hospital lobby I lie to an acquaintance about why I’m here

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first day of treatment

first day of treatment the radiation tech wearing plum lipstick

March 29, 2016 · 2 Comments