HaigaGraphy: A Haiku Art Collaboration

16143665_1074482672677167_9129503868084669730_oWoo hoo!

For the last few months I have been collaborating with Missoula artist Linds Sanders on HaigaGraph: A Haiku Art Collaboration.

Linds has created thirty original paintings, each featuring one of my haiku written specifically for this project.

The show is coming to the Bay Area and is intended to support a haiku festival being organized by none other than Amos White.

But if you live in Montana, you can see the paintings exhibited in Missoula. Here’s the Facebook event page:


Another Paper Boy Story Published

I’m working on a series of short stories about a paperboy in 1970s suburbia. (Not the least bit autobiographical, honest!)

SHADOW BOX has just been published by Unlikely Stories, an online journal based out of Louisiana that focuses on transgressive material.

This is the fourth story from the series to be published, and the second by Unlikely.

Thanks to Justin Herrman, the fiction editor, and Jonathan Penton, the founding publisher.





An Embarrassment of Riches


On July 16, 2016, I was scheduled to read at the annual Beast Crawl, a lit crawl event that spans three hours and dozens of venues in downtown Oakland. I was to read at the Bay Area Generations event alongside Clive Matson, a magnificent poet whom I’ve know for thirty years.

Sadly, my health prevented me from attending — an expected 4-day hospital stay for surgery turned in an 18-day, complications-fueled ordeal — and I had to bow out. A good friend of mine, and no slouch at writing himself, Vince Donovan, read my work for me.

Shortly afterward, I began receiving mysterious postcards in the mail. The graphic side all had a “Thank You” theme, and the different senders all composed haiku or positive messages on the back. I was mystified. Who were these people? How did they get my address?

I finally learned that Amos White, a friend and fellow haiku poet, had handed out these postcards at the Beast Crawl event, encouraging attendees to send me haiku.

How wonderful is that? The photo shows the first fourteen I received. A couple more have trickled in since, and I think more are still to come.

Amos, Vince, Clive… You guys are the best. This is friendship. This is community.