20140824Prush hour traffic
I avoid his gaze
the man I cut off

7 thoughts on “haiku 20140824

  1. Here is an example of my not seeing where the background is making a point.  Do you see something that I’m not picking up on?  Curious 🙂  michelle


    1. Hi Michelle – No, nothing going on. I consciously avoid using backdrops that have anything to go with the haiku. If you’re making connections, it’s entirely coming from one or both of our subconscious

      1. I get personalized shirts made; quotes, haikus and poems. I only have a few haiku shirts since I lost my favorite haiku book, therefore, I have to look elsewhere.

        Thank you!

      2. That’s so cool! I’m totally honored.

        Sure but on a couple of conditions. Include “haiku andy” somewhere. If you’re selling these, cut me in! (If it’s for your own use, no worries.)

        Either way I want a photo!

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