20131106Pnovember nightfall
the windows of the cafe
become black mirrors

2 thoughts on “haiku 20131106

    1. Thanks, that means a lot to me. I checked out your blog and related immediately to the passion you bring to living your life.

      Each card you see on my blog is an actual postcard, stamp and all. After I take the picture, I mail the haiku to a random person whose name I draw from a hat. I’ve mailed over 600 cards so far. If you want a postcard, drop me a line (andrew.o.dugas at gmail dot com) with a snail-mail address, and I’ll throw your name into the hat.

      Thanks again,


      PS: coffee is an occasional subject of my haiku https://haikuandy.com/2013/02/08/haiku-20130207/

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