20131007Pnext to the tractor
a worker with a hose
watering the rubble

3 thoughts on “haiku 20131007

  1. Hmmm…my wife and I discussed this one last night and weren’t sure what was going on in the haiku. Could you provide a few words about the “back story?” In any case this one wins the prize for being both interesting and enigmatic. Way to go!


    1. First, I’m delighted at the prospect of a couple discussing my haiku! What greater compliment? As for the back story:

      This might need a real photo to go with it. I work in downtown San Francisco. As part of a massive project that includes a new transit terminal and numerous skyscrapers, many of the older buildings surrounding our newer building are being demolished one by one even as new construction begins on the cleared lots.

      One common feature is the tractor/shovel/dozer pushing rubble around along with a guy in a hardhat hosing the rubble down (presumably to reduce dust). The motion is identical to someone watering a garden, so I guess I was going for that.

  2. Ahhh! We weren’t too far off! I thought maybe it was a law enforcement agency pushing down an abandoned house that was being used for illegal drug activities, and the hosing down of the rubble was to prevent a random spark from igniting flammable gases that could still be present. May be a bit of a stretch, but otherwise I didn’t have a clue. Let me take this occasion to say how much I enjoy your haiku. I think Basho, Issa, Buson, ad nauseum would approve of the way you draw your writing from everyday events and not just the birds and bees, flowers and trees sort of thing! Nature is wonderful but isn’t Man a part of nature?! Thanks for giving a voice to those of us who would answer, “YES!”


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