20130428Papril dusk —
sipping red wine and watching
the crows play tag

3 thoughts on “Haiku 20130428

    1. Randa (?),

      The cards you see on my blog are actual postcards that I mail to people. Each one is unique (only one per haiku) and gets sent to only one person. If you send me your address, I will send you one someday. (I pull the names from a hat, so it’s random.)


      PS: My email contact is on my “Haiku Who? What?” page.

      1. Andy,
        Thanks for letting me know about the “haiku card,” for want of a better name. My own “name” was Randa (blog name, that is), but is now simply “R” (the first initial of my given name). Randa is being phased out as is explained here:


        Hope you’ve had time to explore some of my recent posts for my poetry and haiku. Your comments will be deeply appreciated.


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