The product of my first ten months of my daily haiku project. Self-published to raise money for the arts.

Proceeds benefit 826 Valencia and Opium for the Arts

waitress leans over
freshens up our coffee
blue vein on white breast


My collection of San Francisco-centric haiku, culled from my daily haiku project.

Portions of each sale goes to support Litquake.

downtown after rain —
street musician jazz bounces
off wet brick sidewalks

THE resource for those wanting to develop their own haiku chops.

“Writing and Enjoying Haiku shows how haiku can bring a centered, calming atmosphere into one’s life… Haiku are clearly shown to be a means of discovering and recording the miracles of the world, from the humorous to the tragic.”

Yup, Jack was no slouch at the haiku either.

“Following in the tradition of Basho, Buson, Shiki, Issa, and other poets, Kerouac experimented with this centuries-old genre, taking it beyond strict syllable counts into what he believed was the form’s essence…  [A] compact collection of more than five hundred poems that reveal a lesser known but important side of Jack Kerouac’s literary legacy.”

This collection is more than just the classics.

The essays by Basho on haiku and writing are alone worth the cover price.

The Haiku Anthology, first published in 1974, is a landmark work in modern haiku, honoring a genre of poetry that celebrates simplicity, emotion, and imagery—in which only a few words convey worlds of mystery and meaning. This third edition, now completely revised and updated, comprises 850 haiku and senryu (a related genre, usually humorous and concerned with human nature) written in English by 89 poets, including the top haiku writers of the American past and present.”

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